Name: Axel  (アクセル)
Gender: ?
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: Around 200 kilograms
Race: Creature
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: ?
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: V 3 "Ghost, Sleep On My Chest!"

Related Characters:
   Kief Phonogolos (Creator)
  Kenkrim (Fellow Creature)
  Kief Phonogolos (Creator)
  Sammy (Controller)

 Axel is one of many creatures created by Phonogolos. He resembles matte jet-black suit of armor, and as a creature developed for combat, he exerts incredible power, usually under the command of Sammy.


 Axel doesn't exhibit any particular personality, and seems inclined to attack and kill anything that appears around him. In some cases, it even seems that Axel distinctly lacks self awareness, such as when he uses his cables to pull himself up a flight of stairs, even though it makes his own body being banged around against the stone steps. Given he's a suit of armor, however, it's safe to assume that he doesn't feel pain anymore.


 Axel is described as a jet-black suit of armor with a matte finish. Though there's no face behind the armor, wires shoot out from every crevice. It's later revealed that Axel's 'body' is nothing but a roiling mass of wires beneath the suit of armor. These cables become clearly visible when the front of the armor opens up. The wires themselves are black, and with the speed these thin cutting implements travel, it's hard to see or avoid them.


Slaughter of Assasins:

 It's implied that Axel was among the group who slaughtered Kozen's band of assassins, as some had body parts severed clean off, which would fit Axel's methods using steel wires. When Kozen fled, Axel took chase, and soon caught up with him. He would've likely killed everyone involved, had they not been abducted by (Sammy?) and returned to Phonogolos' Mansion.

 While he tried to pursue Majic, he ended up caught in the dust chute. When he sensed the battle going on below, he used his whips to lash out, slicing the supposed corpse of Phonogolos in half, and breaking the chute.

Pursuit of Sorcerers:

 At the mansion, Majic was the first to wake up. He was immediately attacked by Axel, and fearing that Cleao was already dead, he dove down a dust chute to escape the monstrous creature. Axel tried to follow him, one more exhibiting a lack of self awareness, as he clearly didn't fit. He ended up wedged in the dust chute, and when he sensed battle going on down below him, he blindly attacked the participants with his wires. Eventually the dust chute fell apart, and Axel fell to the basement floor. There, along with Kikuiem, Sammy, and Kenkrim, he confronted Orphen.

 Axel chased Orphen up the stairs into the main hall, where the sorcerer took temporary refuge behind a large goddess statue. With no physical body to kill, there was no organ or vital weakness to exploit. However, Axel was still defeated when Orphen dropped the goddess statue on him. Whether or not he died to being completely crushed, or was simply incapacitated is unclear, but either which way, he ceased attacking at that point.



 Axel is resistent to most spells. Though he cannot reject the physical displacement of them, able to be blown back, knocked over, and so on, he suffers seemingly no damage, and is able to get right back up.


 Beneath the armor Axel is filled with a tangle of black wire whips. These shoot forth from any gaps in his armor, and can travel faster than the human eye can perceive. In spite of being metal wires, they also carry considerable destructive force, able to gouge through stone and slice even large bodies in two. Later into his story, he opens his chest armor to reveal the whips inside, clearing space for him to lash out with far more whips than before.

Assorted Facts

 • Axel was stored in the same Creatures Pandora as Kenkrim, the hand.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey: 3 "Ghost, Sleep On My Chest" (Prominent Character)

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