Name: Kenkrim  (ケンクリム)
Gender: ?
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Race: Creature
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: ?
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "NAME"

Related Characters:
  Axel (Fellow Creature)
  Kief Phonogolos (Creator)
  Kikuiem (Fellow Creature)
  Sammy (Controller)

 Kenkrim is one of many creatures created by Phonogolos. Kenkrim is a disembodied arm, the hand of which reaches out of the ground to attack unsuspecting victims. He usually follows Sammy's orders.


 Kenkrim, having no means of interacting on a social level, doesn't get much personality. However, compared to the other Creatures, he seems more intelligent. Rather than just attacking any time he encounters someone, it seems that Kenkrim makes calculated attacks that maximize his (or his fellow Creatures') chance of success. For example, when an assassin falls on the ground, he takes his chance to crush his head. Multiple times thereafter, Kenkrim attacks just as his target is about to be attacked by another creature, seemingly in hopes that he can restrain them long enough for the other creature to make its move. This could be coincidence; maybe Kenkrim attacks and the timing is pure happenstance, resulting from how aggressive all of the creatures are, but it's interesting from an objective point of view.


 Kenkrim is a large disembodied hand that moves silently through the ground (or other surfaces) and snares his targets when they least suspect it. He's described as having skin as pale as a rice cake, being rather plump, and having kitchen knives wired into each of his fingers, which are his only means of attack. The arm is also covered in hair, like from a large, burly man, or possibly a trimmed ape. The arm is severed at the top amusing with his passion for severing limbs and thee thick tubes extend roughly 50 centimeters from the wound. They directly connect to a fist-sized imitation 'brain'.



 Kenkrim first appeared when Orphen and the group visited Kinkhall, at night when they were ambushed by Sammy. He captured one of the assassins that had fallen from a tree and crushed his skull, providing a horrific look into Phonogolos' creations, a look that shook Orphen to his core. He would later ambush another assassin when the monster group attacked their encampment, severing the leg from the man, forcing Kozen Waisetsu to abandon him in order to save his own life.

 Upon returning to Phonogolos' mansion, Kenkrim made a well-timed attempt on Majic's life, but was circumvented by Orphen. He then later ambushed Orphen, just as he was about to be attacked by Kikuiem, and allowed the snake to spew acidic venom at the sorcerer.


 Kenkrim made his fatal error when lunging out of a goddess statue to grab Orphen's arm. With Axel close by and ready to attack it was only a matter of time until the sorcerer died, however, to Kenkrim's surprise, he used spacial transition to teleport into the air, bringing Kenkrim with him. Unable to flee, Orphen was able to rip Kenkrim's brain away from the tubes connecting the arm, causing him to die instantly.


Transitioning Through Solid Objects:

 While Kenkrim's method of killing is straight forward and purely mechanical — using the knives on his fingers to sever limbs or dismember unsuspecting victims — his mode of transport is anything but. The hand is able to move through all solid objects, reaching out from whatever terestrial surface he's traveling to grab his targets. This includes moving between separate objects, not just the ground. For example, he moves from the floor of the mansion into a statue, able to reach out and grab Orphen's arm, allowing him a higher grip if his victims wander close to walls and the like. This is theorized to be an adaption of spacial transition sorcery.

Assorted Facts

 • Kenkrim was stored in the same Creatures Pandora as Axel, the armor.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey: 3 "Ghost, Sleep On My Chest" (Prominent Character)

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