Name: MacDougall  (マクドガル)
Gender: Male
Age: 30~40
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Race: Human
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: Kimrak
Also Known As: The Heart
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Wolves, Gather In My Forest"


Related Characters:
 - Fiena (Pawn)
 - Salua (Subordinate)

 MacDougall is an ex Kimrak citizen who found a small village in Fenrir Forest, using it to begin his plan to encroach on the Sanctuary. He's considered the village priest / guru.


 MacDougall is a sinister man, not only aggressive in his faith, but also in his daily behavior. He rules through hatred, inciting violence in the villagers who look to him for guidance, and firmly believes in the slaughter of all sorcerers, a view that's relatively archaic in the modern era.


 MacDougall is described as being in his 30s to 40s, and wears a mountaineering outfit of sorts, though it appears old and worn out. He carries a staff similar to a khakkhara.


Leave From Kimrak:

 MacDougall was once a teacher of Kimrak. However, after witnessing something horrible in the city, he fled in fear. He brought an architect from Kimrak with him, and eventually settled in a rural Dragon Faith village located in Fenrir Forest. He brought with him a prototype pistol stolen from one of the Royal Knights and reverse engineered it. As Kimrak had long-since been researching guns, he had the experience to synthesize gunpowder, gaining the villagers' instant admiration by touting the weapon as a sorcerer-killer. At the time, MacDougall was more devout than most of the city's worshippers, and his guidance was welcome. He led them in establishing a workshop where these weapons could be mass produced, passing them out to villagers who were deeply under his control. Over time, he became recognized as the village's leader, and named the village The Great Heart.

Finding Fiena:

 Later down the line, MacDougall discovered a young girl traveling through the woods. He somehow learned of her ability to use the sorcery of the Deep Dragons, and brought her back to the village, declaring her a shrine maiden. Serving as a priestess of the Deep Dragons, she was confined to the church's tower, never able to roam free. He kept the only key to the tower room on his person, and forbid Fiena from opening the door unless she heard his voice. She would only leave on specific intervals, with MacDougall's direct permission, or during ceremonial events where she'd perform rituals. Through this control of Fiena, MacDougall garnered an even closer audience, who believed more of his rhetoric as these miracles turned out to be true.

 Over time, MacDougall began to preach that he would someday gain a weapon even greater than the pistol. However, to do this, he explained to the villagers that they would need to go to the heart of the forest, the true 'Great Heart', the Sanctuary. Eventually, two dwarves showed up in the village, with some very interesting information to share.

Arrival of Sorcerers:

 When Vulcan gave MacDougall info about two sorcerers in the area, MacDougall was more than happy to have them apprehended. He captured Majic after shooting him with his pistol, then captured Orphen after he'd been attacked by the Deep Dragon. His intention had been to kill both sorcerers, convinced that they were assassins sent from the Tower of Fang to kill him. In reality, they had nothing to do with him, and had never intended to visit their village, but MacDougall refused to believe that. He made arrangements to head to the forest while both sorcerers were thought to be locked up, unaware that they had escaped.


 On the morning of MacDougall's plan, Orphen broke into his mansion and confronted the former teacher. Though he nearly succeeded in shooting Orphen, outside forces intervened, and MacDougall was incapacitated when hit by one of Orphen's spells. When Orphen demanded more information about what he'd seen in Kimrak, MacDougall, laughing to himself, raised his hand, which had been melted to the handle of his gun by Orphen's photothermal spell, and shot himself. This made MacDougall the second person Orphen had met who'd chosen to die rather than reveal the secrets of what they'd seen in Kimrak.



 MacDougall owns a handgun with a fairly simple construction, with no extended barrels. He supposedly stole this off of a Royal Knight, though by the time they were being manufactured, the gun was an old model that had been retired within the Royal Army ten years prior.

Assorted Facts

 • MacDougall doesn't keep a gun in his room, after one went off once.
 • MacDougall always carried his gun in his left hand.
 • Like many Dragon Faith, MacDougall claimed that sorcerers didn't belong in the world.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey: 4 "Wolves, Gather In My Forest" (Prominent Character)

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