Name: Salua  (サルア・ソリュード)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 173cm
Weight: 61kg
Race: Human
Blood Type: B

Constellation: ?
Hometown: Kimrak
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Wolves, Gather In My Forest"


Related Characters:
 - Fiena
 - MacDougall

 Salua is a Teacher of Death from the Kimrak Church, who was often sent on missions out in the field. He has a strong urge to travel and witness more interesting things.


 Salua's a light-hearted man who lives your typical bachelor life style. He's almost always drunk, enjoys a good fight, and generally having fun. Even so, he maintains a sharp wit, in spite of his drinking habits, and still exhibits keen reflexes in combat in spite of it. He also often finds himself thinking about his brother while he's away from home, and grew close to Fiena while he was staying in The Great Heart.


 Salua's said to have black hair. In Volume 4, he was wearking a shabby shirt with a ranger jacket over it, with the patches carefully cut away with a knife. He has a long sword fastened to his belt.


Fenrir Forest:

 Salua first appeared in Fenrir Forest, acting as one of MacDougall's cronies in The Great Heart. However, he always seemed rather aloof, compared to the others. As it turns out, MacDougall had been a former teacher of Kimrak, until deserting and being deemed a heretic by the Church. Salua was sent to assassinate him, but it's unclear why he took so long to actually make his attempt. His interest was piqued when Orphen showed up in the village, at first mistaking him for an assassin from the Tower of Fang. He tried to kill him first, and after finding out that he was Krylancelo from the Tower of Fang, he realized that he wasn't working under the Tower, and their fight became about the fun. Even so, he was shocked when, after deciding to work with Orphen, Orphen not only incapacitated him but sold out his identity as an assassin directly to MacDougall.

 In the end, MacDougall killed himself, meaning Salua's job was as good as done. He intended to leave the village with Fiena, but Fiena turned back to the village. She used the Deep Dragon's power of spacial transition to send Salua out of the village, after which, he went on his own way.

Assorted Facts

 •  Salua notes that his brother would faint if he knew he were using the Solude name as an assassin.
 •  Salua had intended to take Fiena to Kimrak, where she would become his brother's adopted daughter.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey: 4 "Wolves, Gather In My Forest" (Prominent Character)

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