Name: Stephanie  (ステファニー)
Gender: Transgender (formerly male)
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Race: Sorcerer
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: ?
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Machine, Obey My Command!"

Family: Unnamed family in the south

Related Characters:
 - Orphen (Friend)


 Stephanie is calm and collected, scarcely reacting in an aggressive manner. She's very comfortable in her skin, and silently analyzes those around her, taking the time to understand all sides when there's an apparent dispute. Nevertheless, she has latent fears related to past trauma, and being alone. This doesn't stop her from confronting even an insurmountable danger alongside her friends.


Hospitalization Period:

 Living as a sorcerer in Alenhatam is known to be hard. The city experienced years of sorcerer hunts in its past, and while that behavior has largely died down, latent hatred still runs deep, hiding beneath the surface of this beautiful city. Stephanie was the victim of this dwelling hatred, beaten severely for lifting someone's wallet when she couldn't afford to eat. The sustained major injuries, such as 24 broken bones, including a leg broken by a metal pipe, brushes, and contusions. Nearly half of the skin on her body had been lacerated beyond repair, and she suffered major facial injuries, including a caved in skull.

 Unable to flee any longer, Stephanie was saved by Orphen, who had just recently left the Tower of Fang. He drove away her attackers, and dragged her to the shady medical clinic where he worked doing general chores. With such severe injuries, Stephanie was, at this point, unrecognizable. The surgeon, however, using the practice to perform surgery on unwilling participants who couldn't speak out about it, reconstructed Stephanie's face. From a man's, to a woman's. This surgery went far beyond the face, and ended in a full sex change operation that not only changed how Stephanie looked on the outside, but changed her life.

 He had been nearly killed for simply lifting a wallet during a time of need, and the injuries he'd received far outweighed what would have been a simple murder. He knew he could never return to his former life, and so Stephan decided that this was his chance to be reborn anew, into a life where he had the potential to live peacefully. His magic had severely diminished due to the drastic changes from the injuries and the surgery, and so he opted to take on the name Stephanie. When Orphen referred to him as a woman, he did not deny it.

 Though Orphen stayed at Stephanie's side for six months, he ultimately left, just before she was about to be released. This was implied to follow Orphen's realization that Stephanie was actually 'Stephan', with implications that he'd fallen in love with her during the six months they'd spent together. Stephanie was devastated by the discovery of his departure, and in spite of everything that she'd been through, she chose to stay in Alenhatam, feeling that she had nowhere else to go.

Fall of the Damsel's Orisons:

 Over the years Stephanie's desire to leave the city had grown, and finally, she thought she'd found her way out. An ancient ruin, the discovery of which would finally allow her and her team to make a name for themselves. They could afford to leave the city, and she had planned to use her newfound fortune to go to the Kingdom. However, no one had expected the ruin to be killed with hundreds of Killing Dolls.

 Not realizing what this strange artifact was, Stephanie and her team brought it back to the Damsel's Orisons with them, to be examined in their lab a few days later. However, it woke up, introducing itself as a Killing Doll. She witnessed the strange golem draw a Wyrd Graph on itself, and when the symbol began to glow, Stephanie lost all ability to think for herself. In relatively short order, it had killed her entire team and placed the Damsel's Orisons of the city under its control.

 When Orphen arrived at the building, the doll proceeded to destroy the entire location, killing every sorcerer in the building aside from Stephanie. This event gave her immeasurable guilt. To Stephanie, this was all her fault. The fact that she was the lone survivor only deepened her guilt.

The Confrontation At Fort Basilicok

 Reluctantly, Stephanie agreed to join Orphen and the others as they confronted the Killing Doll at Fort Basilicok. Stephanie was able to guide them through the ruins, but ultimately couldn't join the fight. As the Guardian of the Treasure ranted about how foolish the war had been, and how sorcerers had been wrongly persecuted for a simple misunderstanding over the years, Stephanie's devastation grew. Even if she was not responsible for what had happened to her people, she now knew that what had happened to her was for nothing. Orphen had a different view, however, that the Wyrd Dragons had done what they need to do back then to protect the human race.

Departing from Alenhatam

 After all was said and done, Stephanie realized she could no longer stay in Alenhatam. Not with the Damsel's Orisons gone. She made the decision to return to the distant south, to her parents' home, even though they hadn't seen her since her surgery.

Assorted Facts

 - She lives in a small apartment with modest furnishings.
 - She keeps tulips in her apartment.


 Though Stephanie was once a sorcerer, the injuries she received may have had longer-lasting effects. Once she recovered from her surgery, she found that her powers had severely diminished.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey 2: "Machine, Obey My Command!" (Prominent Character)

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