Name: Vulcan (ボルカン)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 130 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Race: Troll
Blood Type: O

Constellation: Saggitarius
Hometown: Mazmaturia
Also Known As:
  The Fighting Dog of Mazmaturia
  Volcano Volcan
Specialties: Living Life

Hobbies: Trying Not To Die

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

 - Dortin (Younger Brother)

  - Old Busted Sword

 Vulcan is a fiery dwarf with a passion for violence. He's constantly on the run from Orphen after borrowing money from the sorcerer along, and he drags his younger brother, Dortin, along for the ride.


Prominent Features:
  As a prominent character, Vulcan features in almost all Orphen media.


 Vulcan is a narcissistic, obnoxious brat that's always beating up on his younger brother and blaming everyone but himself for his problems. After borrowing money from Orphen, he has spent years convincing himself that Orphen is an evil sorcerer that must be stopped and destroyed at all costs, and even attempts to team up with anyone willing to possibly take a shot at bringing down the sorcerer. Even in instances where he believes he'll come into a considerable amount of money, Vulcan doesn't even consider the notion of simply paying his debt and being rid of Orphen without the need for violence. He even frequently shafts blame on his brother, and strikes him down at any hint of disagreement.

 One unusual trait of Vulcan's is the habit of making up non-sensical threats, such as "I'll swing you to death on a swing!" Most of the times these sound almost entirely incoherent and absurd. The anime chose to replace this with general rude commentary, perhaps feeling that it was a little too confusing for a foreign audience.



 Vulcan once lived in Mazmaturia with his parents. However, after having a falling out with his parents a year and a half before the story begins, he ran away from home and dragged Dortin along with him. This journey eventually landed him to Totokanta, where he borrowed money from Orphen, the local loan shark. After dodging Orphen's attempts to collect on the debt for a considerable amount of time, he pulled one over on the sorcerer yet again by stealing the Sword of Baldanders, believing it to be worth a considerable amount of money.

Evasion of Debt:

 Vulcan continued to dodge repaying his debts, leading Orphen all over the continent. This started in Alenhatam, where he intended to sell the Sword of Baldanders and, failing to do so, sold Orphen out to a Killing Doll that almost killed him. He then fled through Kinkhall, into Fenrir Forest, where he encountered MacDougall and told the dragon worshipper about the sorcerer hot on his tail. This led to Orphen being captured, interrogated, and nearly killed not only by MacDougall, but by the Deep Dragons who had surrounded the village.

Assorted Facts

 • Vulcan carries a blunted, relatively useless sword that he usually uses to beat his brother rather than to fight.

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