Name: Asraliel  (アスラリエル)
Gender: Female
Age: ?
Height: Roughly 3 ~ 4 meters (at the head)
Weight: ?
Race: Deep Dragon
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: ?
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Wolves, Gather In My Forest"

  Leki (Son)

Related Characters:

 Asraliel is the leader of the Deep Dragons, overseeing their interventions into those who try to infiltrate Fenrir Forest, and more importantly, the Sanctuary. She's a dragon of overwhelming power, able to wipe out half of a village in a single shot.


 Although Asraliel is often not present, when she is, she is usually indifferent to the feelings of others. She takes her duty seriously, and will carry out all punishments of those who wrong her and her pack without an ounce of remorse. This would've included the slaughter of an entire village, had her child, Leki, not intervened.


 Asraliel is a Deep Dragon, so she resembles a wolf with long black hair and green eyes. She's described as having somewhat of a feminine form with remarkable beauty. This is observed by both Fiena and Cleao, Cleao finding the dragon so beautiful to behold that she even began to understand why people would worship them.



 Asraliel first appeared in Fenrir Forest, where it is vaguely implied that she killed three boys who were attempting to assault a young girl from Solician Village. Though the girl died, Asraliel brought her back to life. The girl, Fiena, then became her familiar. In exchange for giving her life, Asraliel ordered her to go to a nearby Dragon Faith village and infiltrate it to spy on a man named MacDougall. Asraliel was aware that he had deserted Kimrak after witnessing something horrible, and wanted to know what his intentions were, and how much of that information he still knew.

 She would then periodically appear in The Great Heart village to make contact with Fiena, and discuss their progress. It was eventually uncovered that MacDougall planned to lead the village in an invasion of the dragon's Sanctuary.

Attack of The Great Heart:

 After MacDougall's death, Asraliel surrounded The Great Heart with her pack, and sentenced them to death for their crimes against the sanctuary, citing it as breaking a great taboo. She was confronted by Orphen, and at first, she entertained his idea of fighting him before killing more villagers. However, part way through the battle, Asraliel revealed her intentions to make Orphen her new familiar. A fierce fight between the two ensued, but Orphen soon came to realize that he was no match for the dragon.

 Before Asraliel could finish her slaughter of the village, she was confronted by Fiena. She'd given the girl a chance to flee, however, Fiena used that power to send her friend, Salua, the only person who might have the answers that Asraliel sought about MacDougall, out of the village. She then returned to defend the rest of its people. Furious by this act, Asraliel dropped her control over Fiena, and intended to continue the killing. It was her son, Leki, who ultimately stopped the fighting. At Cleao's behest, he blasted the dragons surrounding the village, including Asraliel, and as they used their spacial transition to escape the attack, Asraliel gave the sorcerers a final warning.

 She warned Orphen that the power the Dragon races enjoyed came at a steep price, and that sorcerers, who had paid nothing for their power, though free, enjoyed an unmanageable freedom that could not last. She warned that her people would kill the sorcerers, as well as surrender the continent. She also warned that, whether or not by use of Spiritual Domination, Orphen would be implored to carry out her bidding.


 Asraliel has a particularly potent dark magic. Her power, shared with Fiena, was said to give Fiena the strength to nullify the dark magic of all of the Deep Dragons surrounding The Great Heart. Otherwise, she has the general dark magic abilities used by Deep Dragons. Due to the complex nature of dragon sorcery (where it is harder to discern what is a specific spell), lists for individual users are not posted on their respective profiles.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey: 4 "Wolves, Gather In My Forest" (Prominent Character)

Assorted Facts

 • The Killing Doll 'Krylancelo' in Volume 5 commented that Asraliel was prone to drunken ravings.

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