Name: Cleao Everlasting

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Race: Human
Blood Type: A

Constellation: Aries
Hometown: Totokanta
Also Known As:
Specialties: Cuisine

Hobbies: Household Chores

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

  - Ancient Ring

  - Ekintora (Father)
  - Leki (Deep Dragon Child, Pet)
  - Mariabelle (Sister)
  - Tishtinee (Mother)

Concept Art


 Cleao is a very outgoing girl. In the face of danger she gets excited. She seeks to see more of the world, and desires that sense of adventure, the thrill of going out and fighting bad guys and all that. She's confident in her own abilities, and speaks fondly of her time on the road, expressing a sense of relief that she was never able to experience when she was stuck living at the Everlasting residence.

 One of her biggest goals on her journey is to become a successful partner to Orphen. To help him when he needs it, to be reliable enough that he'd feel comfortable turning to her. This brings a lot of inner conflict when he simply won't do that. She feels like he sees her as a child he needs to take care of. She knows that she's not a sorcerer like him and Majic, and sometimes worries about whether she should just go home, feeling insecure about being the only one in the group not able to use sorcery. In the end, she swallows her fears and does everything she can to contribute.



 Cleao never could find her sense of adventure in Totokanta. She switched schools every year, always a different school from her sister, and when Orphen arrived at her home she was filled with excitement. Magic, explosions, beasts, she wanted to see those adventures. So, she worked it out with her mother that she'd be allowed to go on that journey with him. Her mother let her sneak into the carriage that she provided to Orphen, and off they went.

Traveling With Orphen:

 Throughout her journey, Cleao often struggled with being the only member of the team who couldn't cast spells. Nevertheless, she pushed her claim as Orphen's partner, someone to rely on. In Alenhatam, she saved him from the Guardian of the Treasure, a Killing Doll left over from the Nornir.

The Deep Dragon Child:

 Their journey took them through Kinkhall, to Fenrir Forest. During this time, Orphen and Majic were both captured, and as Cleao waited for an opportunity to rescue them, she stumbled upon a small back puppy in the brush. Unbeknownst to her, this was a Deep Dragon child. She soon found herself face to face with the parent, and when the pup's mother, Asraliel announced that she would destroy The Great Heart village, Cleao and the rangers with her tried to stop the dragon. It jumped into the middle of the village using spacial transition with Cleao on its back, and continued to launch its attack.

 In spite of this, Cleao repositioned herself and waited for an opportunity to attack. She watched the fight as Orphen tried to stop Asraliel and the rest of the Deep Dragons. She ultimately erupted in anger at Asraliel bringing her child along for such a terrible battle, and instructed the young Deep Dragon, who she'd later name Leki to act. He blasted the surrounding Deep Dragons, forcing them to retreat. Afterwards, Leki stayed at Cleao's side, and joined her on her journey.


 Cleao took some simple sword fighting lessons in school, when she attended her war club. Though she doesn't know how to properly fight, she's often quick to take up arms against threats, and has proven to at least have some natural talent, even if it is unrefined.



 For the the first few volumes Cleao used a lightweight sword that she'd gotten from her father's collection at the start of her journey. She'd mentioned at one point that of all the ones he had, it was her favorite. However, when the ranger station they were staying at was destroyed by a Killing Doll in Volume 5, she lost all of her luggage, including that sword.

Assorted Facts


 • Participated in a war club during school.
 • Switches schools ever year. Her last happened to be Majic's school as well.
 • Cleao has been known to re-sew Majic's clothes to fit her perfectly, then call it coincedence.
 • Cleao has eluded to using Majic as a test-subject for various punishments she intends to use on Orphen.


 • Cleao says her family bloodline mixed with an aristocrat long ago.
 • As a child, Cleao was very sickly, to the point of being bedridden.
 • Cleao has a hard time healing bruises, claiming she fell down the stairs and got a bruise that took 6 months to heal.
 • Fearing for her appearance in this incident, she says she considered joining a convent, and even ordered a pamphlet.
 • Cleao has had an appendectomy, which left a scar.


 • When Cleao started her journey, she was so squeamish about blood that she was reluctant to clean her own sword.
 • While Cleao's family has no family crest, she sometimes uses the crest of the aristocrat who once stayed with them.

Naming Reflections

Alternative Spellings: Cleao, Creao, Claiomh

 When Stray Journey was publicized as Wayward Journey by J-Novel Club, they introduced the spelling of Claiomh. This spelling was based on Claíomh Solais, the Sword of Light trope from Gaelic folktales. The kana matches the Japanese spelling, and was a suitable choice given that Cleao's father was a collector of rare swords, and the series otherwise uses a ton of mythology-themed names.

 For the purpose of this site we decided to go with the traditional Cleao spelling, since it is much easier for our readers to understand and pronounce, and is also how it's pronounced in Japanese. This is the older spelling, used for products released in Japan during the run of the first anime series.

Anime Appearance

Story Differences:

 So many of the minor story elements for Cleao were changed in the anime. Mainly because a lot of the stories themselves changed. It couldn't accommodate an entire volume of book for each episode, so it was adapted to fit its own storyline.

 The first notable difference is that she was gifted the Sword of Baldanders by her father. She never owned the Sword in the books, and it's used as a reason for her to tag along with Orphen on his journey.

 Another is how she obtained Leki. At first he was a cute animal that she could get to do tricks. While the story of the Deep Dragons is significantly different, their encounter has a similar tone. Cleao protects him from the villagers (in this case, Macdougall/Batrov.)

 Most significant of the changes, however, is just to Cleao's character. Her personality is the same spit fire she usually is, but in the books, Cleao genuinely tries hard to help Orphen. In the anime, she's treated much more like an obstacle. She rarely tries to help, and when she does, it's just treated as an obnoxious screw up. Much of the depth of her character is lost in this version.

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