Name: Childman Powderfield  

Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Race: Sorcerer
Blood Type: B

Constellation: Leo
Hometown: Unknown
Also Known As:
Specialties: Nightcaps

Hobbies: None

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

  - Sword of Baltanders

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  - Ekintora (Friend)

  - Azalie
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 Childman Powderfield is the most powerful black-magic sorcerer on the continent, said to be a prodigy, the kind of sorcerer that is born only once in hundreds of years. He was a teacher at the Tower of Fang, and a trained assassin, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

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 Childman is cold and calculating, but what most people note about his personality is a sheer lack of emotion. He doesn't laugh, he doesn't express himself. He's silent. He says what needs to be said and he doesn't beat around the bush. A lot of this is to hide his many secrets, by never eluding to any personal thoughts in the first place. He knows how to plan and he's careful not to mess up.


Prominent Features:
 - Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Anime)

 - Stray Journey (Books)

 - Majutsushi Orphen: Stray Journey (Manga)
 - Majutsushi Orphen: The Origin Project (Manga)
 - Orphen (Manga)

All Features:
 - Stray Journey: 1 "Beast, Answer My Call!" (Prominent Character)


The Tower of Fang:

 Childman has been at the Tower of Fang for some time, and during that time, he's risen to a position of power. Not necessarily a member of the Highest Executive Branch, but highly influential to them. As a result he's the youngest teacher in the Tower, taking on his own class at only 30 years old. He took on 7 students, teaching them each a particular skill, as it was deemed that no single student could learn all of his abilities. For example, Orphen was trained in the art of assassination.

The Sword of Baltanders

 Childman's life, much like Orphen's, was dramatically changed when Azalie used the Sword of Baltanders. He took the sword and sealed it away in Ekintora's mansion. A man who had previously employed him as an assassin, but who he also once was friends with. He claimed to want to use the sword to turn Azalie back someday, but he didn't know how to use the spell. Nobody did. Only Azalie herself.

 In spite of this, Childman's men hunted Azalie down. She was pursued by the Tower of Fang for years, based on eliminating the tarnish she left on their reputation. This chase eventually came to a head when Azalie, too tired to keep running, used her white magic to possess Childman's body, leaving his own soul in the body of the dragon.


 Soon after he was turned into the dragon, Childman beelined for Ekintora's mansion. He wanted to use the sword on himself, to try to return to his previous form. This was a point of resentment for Azalie, after Childman had claimed that it couldn't be done. She tracked the dragon, and when he lead her to the Everlasting household, she determined that the sword must be hidden there. In the end, Childman set up a killing ground in the Aiden mountain range near Totokanta City. He faced Azalie head on, along with the unit of soldiers that came with her. Most of them died, including his former student Komikron, but he succumbed to his wounds and died by Azalie's hands.

Academic Contributions

Spatial Transitioning:

 Childman was responsible for the distribution of Spacial Transitioning spells, which allow caster's to transition from one spot to another, similar to (but not quite the same as) teleportation. This is considered proprietary of the Childman Class, and isn't expected to be known by anyone outside of it, including the Thirteen Apostles. It's considered a closely-guarded secret of the Tower of Fang.

Sorcery & Skills

 Childman is renowned as the strongest black magic sorcerer on the Continent. Aside from that, he's one of the youngest sorcerers to obtain his position of power within the Tower of Fang, and was seen as the true leader of the Tower, running things from the back seat. If that weren't enough, before he went to the Tower of Fang, he was a highly skilled assassin.

Known Casters: Azalie, Childman
 This is a vicious spell that solidifies the atmosphere, crushing everything within its field. It's noted to cause depressions in the ground a few centimeters deep, creating a shimmering on objects affected. The pressure will inevitably collapse whatever stands in its area of effect. The effects are deadly.

"I spin, the armor of our halo!"
Known Casters: Azalie, Childman, Orphen
 Generates a netting of circular lights, which act as a shield. This can deter powerful magic, even fire, but when each ring breaks it can allow damaging spells to pass through part of the net. These halos also generate a great deal of heat, and can literally cook the flesh of something that gets stuck against the net for too long.

Known Casters: Childman, Orphen
 Creates a powerful, invisible blast. The pressure is enough to launch a grown man across the room.

Known Casters: Azalie, Childman
 This spell forms a V-shaped arrow of light, which launches at the target. When it hits, it explodes into flames that rapidly engulf them, focusing the destructive power of the spell all around the target.

Assorted Facts

 • Childman found the Sword of Baltanders in Azalie's room after the experiment.
 • He was known to store dangerous items from the Tower in Ekintora's mansion.

 • Childman used to be an assassin. One known employer was Ekintora Everlasting.
 • Ekintora was also a friend of his. He protected his mansion and warehouse.
 • The one sorcerer to survive a hunting party sent after Azalie. Supposedly when they switched bodies.
 • He claimed to want to help Krylancelo save Azalie. In his dying words he said he wanted to help her.
 • Childman once had an assassin approach him, posing as a visitor, and blew the assassin away in one shot from his chair.

 • The fact that he can request a white magic sorcerer from the kingdom implies power equal to the 13 Apostles.
 • While he was stuck as the dragon, he claims to be relatively unfamiliar with his surroundings.
 • He felt that during this time, he had lost his mind and was stricken by confusion.

Teaching & Research:
 • Childman reviewed Phonogolos' research, but deemed it was unnecessary, and incomplete.
 • Childman's amusing advice on defeating a more powerful opponent is to cheat.

Book Gallery

Anime Appearance

Story Differences:

 While Childman's role within the Tower is not entirely different, his character is changed to a degree. He's more determined to help Azalie, with the thought that he might reconsider her offer for romance if he succeeds. However, ultimately, he dies, and is to be 'reincarnated' as Azalie's child.

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