Name: Hartia  (ハーティア)
     Gender: Male
     Age: 20
     Race: Sorcerer
     Blood Type: B

     Hometown: Taphrem
     Also Known As: The Black Tiger

     Hobbies: Being Second

     First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

     A powerful sorcerer from the Tower of Fang. As a member of the Childman Class he must've been highly ranked in the tower's students, and he shows his loyalty time and time again by trying to help his Teacher whenever he needs it. Unfortunately, he's often caught in the middle when it comes to the Tower and his runaway friends.

Concept Art



     Hartia tends to follow the submissive role, beaten up by his classmates and generally ending up with the short end of the stick when it comes to their shenanigans. He loves his friends, however, and tries to help them wherever he can. Unfortunately he's often restricted by the rules, and isn't willing to go very far out of bounds to help them.

     In spite of his well meaning attempts, he's also not unknown to say things that are completely out of hand, or outright inconsiderate. He gets upset easily, and he doesn't always react in the best manner.

     Part of this stems from his affinity for acting. Hartia frequently tries to deceive those around him to reach his goal, though in his defense, these goals are usually perceived to be the best option for everyone. Usually those of non-violence.


Prominent Features:
     - Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Anime)

     - Reckless Arc (Books)
     - Stray Journey (Books)

     - Majutsushi Orphen: Stray Journey (Manga)
     - Majutsushi Orphen: The Origin Project (Manga)
     - Orphen (Manga)

All Features:
     - Stray Journey: 1 "Beast, Answer My Call!" (Prominent Character)

     - Successor of Razor Edge (Art Book)

The Black Tiger!

     "I am the assassin who lives in the night! I have a covenant with the night, and live by day hiding my face! The embodiment of fear and evil, the source of nightmares, the Black Tiger!"

     The Black Tiger... Hartia's alter ego! This childhood story character became reality when Hartia used the disguise to attack Orphen at the Everlasting household, and again when he confronted Cleao in the diner. He thought it was a clever disguise, but Orphen saw right through it when he recognized the character.

     Much to his disdain, Dortin mistook his name for a type of shrimp. Since then, his enthusiastic alter ego has been called the "Shrimp Man" which has triggered some outright murderous reactions. Would that perhaps make him a rabid fanboy?

Assorted Facts


     - Although details aren't given, the Black Tiger's scythe is abnormal. It has deflected magic attacks before.

The Black Tiger:

     - The Black Tiger is known to ride on a large black bull, which he can summon with magic.
     - The bull's name in the anime is Coraline (English) and Carolina (Japanese.)

Anime Appearance

Story Differences:

     Hartia's role is quite similar in the anime. His story diverges when he finds out (by discovering Lai frozen) that Azalie has taken over Childman's body. At this point, she attacks him as well, only, he manages to escape. He warns Orphen about what's going on, and gives Cleao the last piece of the puzzle needed to use the Sword of Baltanders.

Sorcery & Skills

     Hartia is a black magic sorcerer, and a pretty strong one. He's known for using fire based magic, but having trained under Childman, he undoubtedly has stronger spells.

    Surrounds the target in utter darkness, to a point that no light can pass through. This spell isn't typically a large one, and running a few steps is usually enough to get out of it. Hartia is noted to cast it with better capability, however, so that it isn't as easily avoided.

    This spell creates a torrent of fire.

    Self explanatory, a powerful lightning bolt created from magic.


Azalie's Funeral:

     Krylancelo leaving the Tower of Fang was a huge ordeal, and it was Hartia that tried to stop him. He begged his friend not to make this mistake, realizing what trouble he could be in if he really took up arms against his teacher. In the end, he wasn't able to convince him.

The Continental Sorcerer Alliance:

     Years later, he found himself working at the Totokanta Branch of the Continental Sorcerer Alliance. Though he admits that he's in a go-nowhere job, he tries to implore Orphen to join the Tower again. He claims that he could undoubtedly join back as at least a teacher's assistant. He fails again to convince his friend, and when that meeting ends, he puts on some false aggression to show that he's now lost that friend.

     This behavior is a farse. He joins Childman's endeavor to kill the Bloody August, and tries to convince Orphen not to defy them. In the end, he gets stuck chasing Orphen through the woods to retrieve the Sword of Baltanders. This turns out to be a blessing in disguise; everyone on the battlefield besides Childman himself dies to the beast. He's the only other survivor.

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