Name: Comicron  (コミクロン)
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Race: Sorcerer
Blood Type: B

Constellation: Pisces
Hometown: Totokanta
Also Known As: --
Specialties: Experiments

Hobbies: Running Away

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call!"

Related Characters:
  Childman Powderfield (Master)
  Orphen (Classmate)
  Hartia (Classmate)
  Azalie (Classmate)
  Leticia (Classmate)
  Korgon (Classmate)
  Forte (Classmate)

 Comicron was one of the young members of the Childman class, joining Orphen's shenanigans and often competing with him through the creation of robots and other strange inventions.



 When Childman (Azalie in Childman's body) sought to destroy the creature that the former Azalie had become, Comicron and Hartia both joined the hunting party. However, the battle quickly turned south, and Comicron was among those burned to ashes by the incredible black magic used by the creature.

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